The sweetest watermelons of the summer come from Mouzin Brothers Farms. We offer seeded and seedless varieties in picnic and personal size. Harvested at the peak of freshness for maximum shelf life, our melons exceed US food quality standards. When melons are not in season locally, we have farms and associates growing and harvesting watermelon so that we can supply delicious, quality melons to you year round.



You will find no other cantaloupe better than what is grown in Knox County, Indiana and Lawrence County. Illinois at Mouzin Brothers Farms. The sweet flavorful cantaloupe is picked at the perfect time to savor the the quality and freshness of each melon. Once our cantaloupe is harvested, packed in cartons/bins, and cooled, our delicious produce is shipped to your facility ready for your customers.


Pumpkins & Squash

Every fall, Mouzin Brothers' fields contribute to the brilliant display of color in the midwest. We offer many varieties of pumpkins, and squash. Once ordered our pumpkins and/or squash are sized, bin or carton packed, and shipped to you. Pass on the beauty of the fall season this year.


Sweet Corn

Fresh sweet corn is produced in abundance during the domestic season from May to October. We carefully select the sweetest varieties and harvest at peak maturity, ensuring a splendid taste at the table. Our sweetcorn is handpicked, hydro-cooled, and then packaged in crates or RPC containers to customer preference.